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The halachic principle of "Hidor Mitzvah" means that the mitzvah must be observed in the most beautiful and elegant way. We have long understood that beauty and aesthetics are a dynamic thing that changes with time, person and place, but today's sacred tools are left behind and maintain what we perceived as the grandeur of 300 years ago. "Kadosh" is a brand of religious items that shows how the mitzvot can be glorified with greatness and grandeur now, through the combination of high fashion with religious meaning.

Branding / Strategy / Illustrations

Through an in-depth study of the Halacha, I mapped the visual elements that allow Kdosha articles to be considered kosher (size, material, technique, etc.) and with the help of artificial intelligence I welded together elements from the current fashion world (most of which is influenced by functional and elegant fashion) and the Halachaic instructions. I created an entire collection of products from artificial intelligence that was then transferred to physical sewing and given a kosher place in the real world.

The brand was born out of the belief that there is a need for individuality and a place for personal expression even within the religious framework, and that Judaism can reconcile its relationship with aesthetics in a beautiful, kosher and modern way.

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